The LIFE on Machair Restoration Programme

In March 2023 the LIFE on Machair project begins piloting a farmer participation payment programme, the LIFE on Machair Restoration Programme, which will involve a process of engagement with farming communities in the project target areas over the duration of the project.  

The LIFE on Machair Restoration Programme will include an annual schedule of planning events and training workshops based on: 

  • Participation – working together to develop and implement targeted site management.
  • Knowledge exchange – building a historical picture of how the sites have changed over time and how that can inform future management.
  • Planning and implementation of restoration actions – this will involve trialling practical measures such as re-seeding but also establishing governance structures for commonages to regulate stocking levels appropriate to each site.
  • Capacity building in relation to site management – learning by doing between the project team and farmers will help inform best practice for coastal restoration and management across agencies.
  • Identifying sustainable farming practices to be incorporated into the next cycle of CAP – linking with farm advisors and with the ACRES Cooperation Project teams we can ensure the appropriate agri-environmental measures are targeted for coastal sites in the next CAP cycle (post 2028)

Farm advisors provide a key supporting network for farmers and a series of training workshops for farm advisors will also be developed with the assistance of our project partners Teagasc and piloted across the wider farm advisor network.

The Terms and Conditions are finalised. Please contact us if you are interested in signing up for one of our project target areas: 

As the programme is piloted we will be sharing knowledge and experiences through our newsletters and regular updates. Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media to follow our progress.

Flowers of the Machair
Flowers of the Machair